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Chad Scott

Chad has over 13 years of experience in the real estate industry and has assisted in thousands of real estate transactions throughout Southern California. Chad loves helping individuals determine what their goals are and then create a road map to reach their goals. 

He has built real estate busi- nesses, managed a top producing real estate related company, and has created many 

business plans to create profitable outcomes for companies and clients. His business expertise will help get the results you are looking for and make for a smooth transaction. These are the skills and attributes that allow him and his team to help over 100 families annually successfully sell their home. 

Chad is a personable, relationship based individual that is detail oriented which helps in reaching the goals of his clients. Chad is an excellent communicator and is very 

passionate about his career. Chad knows what it takes and commits the resources and tools needed to keep the real estate transaction moving smoothly with exceptional results whether your buying or selling. 

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